Don’t be a dick

Last Saturday we bought a new closet for our bedroom. It was the one standing in the store all the time, so we got it way cheaper and of course we had to disassemble it.

For today I rented a transporter to get this thing home. My plan was to leave the two main part assembled and put them in the transporter in one piece. But while starting to put it apart I recognized there were a ton of loose screws broken brackets and more stuff like this. And this brings me to a thing in tech, that I sadly see every single day. People don’t think about what happens later. As the guys that build the closet and didn’t think about someone taking it apart to take it home. People write bad code and don’t give a shit who has to care about it later. We build systems and don’t think about, if it’s easy to update.

If we would all pay a bit more attention and think and care about the people coming after us, I am sure the world would be a quite better place. And it doesn’t matter if you are writing code, building closets, burning tires or doing something that harms you or your environment. So to close this, don’t be a dick 😉

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