Don’t Judge

Imagine the following; You get up in the morning, you are late, you slept bad, you have to hurry to get to work. You are going to bathroom quickly, packing your shit together and heading into the car. After driving out of the garage and being on the street for 5 minutes this damn fucking dumb asshole on the intersection cuts you off.


Did you take a second to think?

Yeah, nice story. But did you consider for a millisecond that this fuck in the other car could be in a hurry too, could be in an even worse situation? Maybe on the way to the hospital, or to an accident where his whole family is involved? Or maybe he is just late as you are? Thing is, you cannot know. But still you are shouting at him for being an asshole.

We are all centered so much around ourselves, that we don’t even think of what people around us are experiencing that certain day or time.

Put you in their shoes

Whenever you encountering a situation like that, thinking your next is just trying to be an asshole, think twice. Why he is doing that?

This applies to all situations in life. Be it like the example above on the road. Be it in the office, or even at home with your partner. At least try to understand why people are acting the way they are doing.

Are your parents trying to talk you out of something? Probably they have a good reason for that. Maybe they made some bad experience they want to protect you from. I don’t say you should always act up on that, but try to put yourself in the shoes of your current “opponent” and try to understand why they are doing what they are doing.

Sure, there are also people that just want to see the world burn. People that are just ignorant and are only opting for their own benefit without respecting others. But this is the minor percentage of mankind.

Relax and Enjoy the Benefits

Freaking out costs energy, that’s a fact. Your heart rate goes up, your skin is getting red and your day won’t get any better from that.

If you are saving that daily freak out on the way to work, you are arriving there more relaxed, even letting that fuck from the beginning pass, just thinking maybe he needs to get there faster than me for a good reason, will make your day better. You did him a favor by letting him pass without shouting at him.


Save that energy, save that energy of being mad at someone for days for something better, something more productive. Being mad for days in a relationship does nothing good to anyone. Both contenders have a bad time and no one wins.

Enjoy the benefits of a calmer and more energetic life.