Don't limit yourself with Minimalism

Don't limit yourself with Minimalism

In about a week I will be on a business trip to Mumbai again. And as travel is a topic where minimalism can help you a lot, I put some thought into it.

The Wish

Of course, to have the most comofortable travel experience with the least stuff possible. But like I said comfortable.

The last time I have been there I was traveling with only one bag, the Pakt One, which is by the way designed with the minimalists. I was on the ground for 5 days, so I haven’t had to carry that much stuff with me. It was a good experience, but I haven’t managed to bring my sports clothes with me, they were forgotten because there was no space left.

The Reality

Since I traveled only with one bag, I had to carry that bag just everywhere. And if you have been to a city like Mumbai, you know carrying a duffle bag through the crowded streets is no fun at all.

Of course I left my clothes and everything I don’t need in the office in my hotel room. But still, the pure size of the bag is a little bit annoying.

Getting Serious

At that moment, it was clear to me, that I am limiting myself with my minimalist approach. And not limiting myself like I do by wearing the same shirt every day.

I am limiting myself in a bad way. You don’t win that minimalism game, because you are the guy that forgets his gym shoes at home.

Minimalism for me is about freeing myself up, by enjoying life with less things and less stress. And this added stress to my life, because I wanted to squeeze everything in this bag.

Being intentional with the things I carry with me. That’s what I am aiming for. Not being radical and religous about what’s in my bag.

Just a little example; since I will be using a carry-on suitcase and a backpack this time, I am thinking about taking my aeropress (little coffee press) with me. Why? Because I love good coffee and a cup of good coffee is part of my morning routine. And sorry the coffee in hotel rooms ain’t that good…

On the other hand that doesn’t mean I will just fill up the space in my suitcase by bringing random shit there, or buying random stuff in Mumbai and bringing it home.

It needs to fit for you

Minimalism is a tool, a framework.

For me the idea of minimalism is living a life with less, to more time, more headspace, more freedom, for the important parts of life.

For me that works by getting rid of all my clothes, except like 15 shirts and two pairs of jeans and a few other things or by selling everything that wouldn’t fit into my car.

That doesn’t mean it has to work for you. If you enjoy your clothes and dressing up, do it, it’s fine. But be intentional about what you are buying and wearing. 150 parts from Primark aren’t intentional.

Don’t limit your brain with minimalism, apply the concepts of minimalism to your life and don’t be religous or radical about it.