Don’t try to please anyone

At the moment I am sitting in train from Duisburg to Stuttgart and I had some time to think about the past and things I experienced in my life. And since I am visiting my parents on the weekend I also thought a little about my childhood.

I actually had a great childhood and have grown up pretty normal, I would say. My parents did everything for me. I’ve always had everything I needed. They taught me the right values. They taught me to respect any human being and don’t take everything for granted. They pushed me in the right directions. Without my father for example, I would have never gotten into tech. He’s no tech guy, but he made me sign up for IT school. Without him I would probably fix cars or would paint walls. My mother always pushed me forward and made me believe in myself. If you read this, thank you, I owe you so much. You are the greatest parents I could imagine.

I don’t want to only talk about not trying to please your parents, but that’s an example everybody can relate to.

Be nice and respectful

If you are treating people with respect and at least always trying to be nice, you will receive the same treatment. If you are acting like an asshole, you will be treated like an asshole, easy as that.

Your parents have accomplished something in there life too and you should pay respect for that. They managed to feed and care for you. That’s an accomplishment on its own.

You may have different views than them, you may won’t to go for a different way in life and that’s fine. But respect them for their way of life.

Back when they finished with school, chances are high, the job that you are currently doing, didn’t even exist. And chances are also high, when you are in their age, the jobs that younger people are doing haven’t existed today. Some weird cyborg engineer 😉 or alike.

And don’t be that old dick, that said back in the good ol’ days, we didn’t need machines to do that for us.

Technology changes, economy changes, the time changes, language changes, be aware of that.

Times are changing

By telling you all of the above, I juste wanted to give you some awareness.

Times are changing and that’s good. And only because your father or mother did a certain job, that doesn’t mean you have to.

If you don’t want to continue the business of your parents, tell them and don’t lock yourself in to something you aren’t happy with. If you talk to them and tell them the reasons for it, they will understand.

Because the alternative is worse.

Don’t live by expectations of others

If you are only living for fulfilling the expectations of others, not only your parents, you are living a poor life. You will discover this in many colors, be it by managers, religion, culture.

It’s important to be aware of what you really want in life. Discovering what really makes you happy and drives you forward and sharing this with the people in your life frees you from so many doubts and fears.

Don’t be mad at them

Be it your parents or somebody else, don’t be mad at them, if they don’t right away understand your intention in life. If you don’t tell them better, how should they know?

So to close this post, because I am home now and the cat wants to be petted, let me tell you a famous quote by the spice girls; Tell me what you want, what you really really want 😉