Eye Strain

In the last few days I have experienced more and more eye strain. On Tuesday I was at the cinema with my girlfriend and it was really hard to watch a 3D movie. When I take a look at my time tracking, there is no reason to wonder about it. Yesterday I have spent more than 14 hours in front of my MacBook, which doesn’t even count the time I’ve spent in front of my iPad or my phone. That’s way too much.

But instead of turning down my laptop I searched for a solution and a post in a private web developer group on Facebook recommended f.lux to me. I thought, it’s free, why not give it a try. The tool is as simple as it should be, just give it your location, and it sets screen colors based on your location and the assumable brightness there.

It hasn’t much to configure, but it feels easier now to look at the screen. It’s weird first, because it feels like your screen is broken, but it’s much easier to look at the screen, when the sun turns down.

Just give it a try.

Another option would be special computer glasses, like some guys use for gaming to reduce eye strain. But since I wear glasses anyway, I would have to spend more money to get special glasses.

I will try flux for a while now and see if it helps, of course I will keep you up to date 👍

That’s it for today, see you tomorrow! I hope earlier than today 🤷‍♂️