Falling behind my schedule

23:22:31 Late again. I hate it, but I have to admit, I am totally behind my schedule with Codalong. I actually wanted to have it released by now. But I am not even nearly done.

There are no excuses, I haven’t set my priorities right. I have messed it up. Actually I wanted to spend at least one hour a day working on it. But I haven’t spend a minute in the last week, which really sucks. I could try to figure out, why I procrastinated so much on it, but the reason is simple, I was lazy and preferred to simple stuff, that I could tick off my todo list.

To get back on track and make it happen until the end of April I need to put in more work now, which is of course my own fault. I will now put at least 1h 30m in each day to work purely on Codalong. So let’s get to the state of it.

Backend: The backend is ready. The WordPress instance is ready and configured. The necessary YouTube Channel is also created, and so are the social media channels, like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Frontend: The graphQL stuff is already working, but nothing happened on the theme for it. And that’s where I will start tomorrow evening. And damn, finally I want to make a VLOG about it. (It can’t be that hard 😉).

And that’s already it for today’s 10 minutes, see you tomorrow! 👋

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