Focus on the right things

23:26:20 Oh hey, a new framework, a new container technology, a new this, a new that. When working in tech, it can be really hard to focus on the right things.

I read a lot, about tech, about economy, about trends in webdevelopment and a ton of other things. I also listen to a lot of podcasts. If you also do so, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, when you hear all this stuff and think you need to know about all of this. Wrong you don’t. It’s good to know, what’s going on the industry. But you don’t need to know every new framework.

So what to learn and what to focus on? Hard to say. I usually take a look at what the big players do or I just look around on There you can see, what is trending in your industry, but also which technologies are growing and which maybe disappear.

I am a bit slow today 🤔 So I can only tell you one thing; PERL is dead 😜

See you tomorrow! 👋

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