Frontend Sunday – React

23:08:15 Today was fully dedicated to learning about frontend stuff, like React. Actually I wanted to take a course about Gatsby, a static site generator, but the whole frontend in written in React, so I thought, let’s do this first.

I am now a pro member of Leveluptutorials, so there are tons of courses available, and this will hopefully help me on my journey.

The core concepts behind React are quickly understood and make sense, even if you have to think about them twice, when you’ve done normal web development before, with a bit of Javascript and JQuery. You can read about it here:

I took the React 16 for everyone course and with Scotts style of teaching you learn very quick. Also React has a very good error reporting and gives you hints on what could be wrong and sometimes even tells you how to fix it (for example don’t use value use defaultValue). This is also one thing I couldn’t stress enough for devs and admins: Read the error, understand the error and then ask for help by googling or asking your coworkers, but don’t ask me to read the error for you.

I went through the course and feel more confident in React now, ready to crush the Gatsby course and finally start building Codalong 😉 See you tomorrow! 👋 23:17:03

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