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19:43:48 It’s already quarter to 8 and I won’t have any time left today to write, so this comes out of the train, the commute will be about 10 minutes, so here are 10 minutes 👋

Today I was at a all day hackathon about continous integration and stuff. I choose the group about drone, a tool built in go and working great with docker.

The location was great, has nice offices. They also sponsored the food, which was pizza or some asian food.

Drone is a really cool tool. The setup is straightforward if you use Github for versioning your code. They provide a docker compose file and you simply have to swap some values, like access keys and secrets.

I will try it out for my private projects, since it’s also super easy to configure with short yaml files. Of course I will post all about the work on codalong, as soon as it’s up.

That’s it for today. I am nearly at the station now, I have a friend coming over for pizza and beer. So have a nice weekend and stay tuned 👋 19:52:28

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