Fun with the React Eco System

23:17:34 – Ok so today I had much fun with Gatsby and React Native.

So I told you I am working on a Gatsby project. Today I worked on a little proof of concept. The goal was fairly simple; pull data in from a wordpress site.

Thanks to the awesome community, there are tons of so called gatsby-sources available and one of them is wordpress. I haven’t tried things like custom fields, but maybe in the future. I works totally smooth, just install it with npm or yarn, add some options and credentials to your gatsby-config.js and you are good to go.

Ok, not totally, but you can now query for your stuff.

Later today I have worked on React Native and you now what, it’s awesome. I have worked before with Angular and Ionic a lot. But with react the AHA moment came earlier. But for my plan I have to put it down for a while. Since I need to work on my general frontend skills to reach this months goal. I have lots of styling stuff in front of me, which needs to be done, like the theme for this blog and so on. But good to know, it will be an awesome April 👍👍

Ok, what else. For gatsby I need another plugin, to pull in YouTube playlist, which I will probably working on over the weekend, can’t be that hard, I hope so.

That’s it! see you tomorrow FriendoS! 😬

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