Functionality vs Beauty

23:42:28 I am again a victim of cool and fancy looking apps. Ok not only fancy looking. Let me explain.

I am using Todoist for about 2 years now. This tool is really awesome and has nearly all the features you could imagine. But thanks to Shawn Blanc I got an eye on Things 3. And hell yeah, it’s freaking beautiful and elegantly designed and another cool thing is, it’s developed in Stuttgart, where I actually live.

So why I am thinking about switching or already started to switch from Todoist to Things? Like mentioned before, Todoist has all the features you could wish. Even more than Things, like team functionality. BUT for team stuff I work in Jira anyway, so I really don’t need it in Todoist. If you keep this out, the functionality is nearly the same, except a few things I like about Things.

One awesome thing is the multi window mode. So I can pop up for example the upcoming view and drag stuff from my Inbox to the upcoming days, which is incredible. Next big thing for me is the interface. Yes, I can do subtasks in Todoist, but in Things it just looks and feels way better.

The last cool thing I want to tell you about is the Today and the This evening option, which I love. Wherever you are, you can schedule tasks to either today, or this evening, which totally makes sense. Simply because over the day, I am mostly not at home and have usually different tasks than in the evening, totally makes sense 👍

That’s already it for today! 👋

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