Getting the pieces together – Consistency is key

23:30:11 Ok, late again, I didn’t manage to write this morning, I had to put fires off…

This post is mostly targeted to beginners in their career, that feel overwhelmed by all the stuff. Trust me, you can make it.

If you follow me for a longer time, you know, I have been a system administrator, a developer and a lot of stuff in between. Now I am leading a tech team and need to combine all the skills I have learned over the past years.

When I started, fresh out of school and saw the first real world application, I thought I would never understand how it works. How Linux, PHP, MySQL, MongoDb and so on works. It all seemed to freaking complicated and I didn’t know where to start. I looked at source code and thought how should I ever know what happens there.

The only thing, that helps you out of there is consistency. Consistency is the key to everything in live. If you tackle a new framework once and never built something real with it, you won’t remember a thing in six months. Instead if you sit down and build a real application, with real problems, you will remember that forever. And you will start to put that stuff together. Problems in infrastructure are the same. When I first installed Linux on my notebook, I couldn’t manage to get the f-ing wifi working. And now it’s easy for me to manage a ton of servers at once.

The point is, we all start somewhere. You need to stick with it and improve yourself. Ok, that’s it for today! See you tomorrow! 👋

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