Go small - Go every day

Oh, again, habits?

Yes, and there is an excellent reason for it. Like I wrote last week, you are the sum of your habits, good or bad.

Maybe you now get why I am stressing this topic so much, if not, reread it. In that article, I gave you the first tips to build lasting habits. And you didn't think that will be it, right?

When it comes to building a habit and manifesting it into our brain, consistency is key.

I know, it's hard to start working out every single day, I know it's incredibly hard to write every day... Life is so hard, ok, stop complaining, what should the neighbors think?

Yes, hard things are hard! Otherwise, everybody would do it.

BUT you can trick your brain. Do something incredibly easy. Like, start a blog, where you write some words every day. Like that one here. The content is sometimes not that valuable, but it helps me to write every day, to maintain that habit.

Ok, let's say you want to work out every day. Follow this exact plan:

  1. Go on Amazon and buy the most fancy running shoes you can get
  2. Sign up for a marathon
  3. Do nothing until one day before the marathon
  4. Be too scared to stand in front of others when cannot even run a mile
  5. I was hoping you could realize that I am joking, you should have recognized it when I said go to Amazon...

Now the real deal:

  1. Put on your shoes
  2. Get your ass up
  3. Go outside
  4. Walk for 10 minutes
  5. Now you are quite far away from home anyway, walk a bit more
  6. So? Did you get about 20 minutes? How does that feel?
  7. Take a deep breath, inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Pay attention to it.
  8. Repeat that! EVERY SINGLE DAY.

You have that time. You have 10 - 20 minutes every day to do something you haven't done before.

This example can also be built into your day pretty well. Park far away from the office. Get off the train one or two stops too early. Take the stairs.

A habit like this can be built so quickly. And you can extend it and also do different variations of it; tomorrow, try to walk your usual route faster. Or see how far you can get in 20 minutes. And the next day you want to try to run that path.

This works with a lot of goals, start small, but work on it every single day. If you need more examples, reply to this mail :)

Daniel Hauck

Daniel Hauck