Goal reached – let’s go on

23:43:58 Ok it’s day 32 and I have missed that I reached my goal and didn’t even notice it 😉

So what did I learn on the way? Did I learn something? Let’s talk.

I’ve written around 10.000 words in 30 days, which actually isn’t that much. But I’ve come up with 30 topics, that wouldn’t come up in any other blogging project of mine, which isn’t too bad. So I got better at just writing without having a list of topics, good thing.

Next thing; I got better at ordering my thoughts, which probably won’t be always that clear when you read this posts, but at writing this 10 minutes, my brain becomes decluttered. Most of this I recognize before I go to bed. I can sleep better.

Another thing I noticed, who wonders, I am more creative in the evening hours. That’s why I always make plans there and execute over the day.

I will continue as long as I can make it, or as it starts to get boring.

Just another few things, that I learned along the way:

  • Done is better than perfect:
    Since I had to write and publish in 10 minutes, I haven’t had much time for correction, so maybe the blog posts are full of errors
  • Don’t stop, let it flow; On a few days, I stopped a minute or so and it was hard to go on; But today for example, when I just type on it work, If you just keep typing, the ideas flow
  • Do it in silence; if I write this with music on my ears, my brain wanders around and I can’t keep up the flow

Ok that’s it, I really need to write that plugin I was talking about on day one or so… See you tomorrow! 👋 And I have to use more emojis 🤷‍♀️ 🍔 🍕

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