I hiked up to Lake Blanch in Big Cottonwood Canyon with a guy named Eric Iā€™d met on Instagram to photograph lake Blanche at night and we got some pretty great shots from that trip. It was a full moon, we hiked with out headlamps almost the entire way.
Photo by Jackson Hendry / Unsplash

When thinking about goals I always like to think about a mountain, even if I haven't ever climbed one. Without any experience my observation may be wrong, but for goal setting and also reaching them, my metaphor should be good enough.

The first time you want to climb a mountain, you are probably not very experienced and won't make it. You have two options then:

  1. Give up and never try again
  2. Go back to the basecamp, inspect what went wrong, repack and try again

I am not a friend of giving up, I would choose number 2. And this you do until you reach it.

The other metaphor that fits well to mountains is the following:

That even if I won't make it to the top, I'd be better settling near the summit, than not starting at all.


Some of my goals are listed here, to have some public accountability. Whenever possible, there is some sort of proof attached.