Good evening

Ouh late again, it’s 23:44:28…

Today is my girlfriends birthday. She turned 29 or as I say 21. The day was quite intense.

I had to get all the stuff to buy burger buns and prepare them. Also I had to prepare the meat, which was 3.5 kilogram of meat. Just a bit of spices to make it awesome. It was concise all the time so I haven’t really had a minute to calm down and that’s what I don’t like that much about these days.

But it doesn’t matter, I would do anything to make he birthday an incredible day for her. For anyone else, there are different things that matter, and she is the, as she calls it, the birthday princess. I love this words 🤷‍♂️.

But that’s already it, I don’t get much more out today, so see you tomorrow! 👋

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