Good Freaking Morning

Yesterday I started my new job. For the next month or so, I probably have to commute for 2 hours each, which honestly sucks. But since I am going by public transport, at least I can get some things done.

Codalong and the first course

You haven’t heard a while about Codalong for a reason. I am still working on the platform and I am also working on the first course.

I have changed a few requirements since I realized I missed some points. I think the first course will go live somewhere in October / December.

So what’s the course about? Basics! Web basics. But not as you might think, stuff like Javascript, HTML, CSS. Even more basic. I have realised that a lot of people don’t understand the basics on how HTTP and the web in general works. For example what’s a request and a response.

If you are interested in this, drop me a comment!

Even if you are a seasoned Javascript developer or earning your bucks as a frontend dev, I bet the course will be valuable for you.

New job

So let’s talk about my new job, at least for a second. I am working there as a Solution Architect, which basically means, I have to figure out, how certain things will be build and used and with which technologies.

Since I am not sure, how the company reacts to me talking about it, I will just leave it out here 😉

See you tomorrow morning! 👋

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