Hacker Man Look vs Distraction

09:55:34 – I remember when I started with a tech job. I saw this cool images of people with multiple monitors and tons of terminal windows and didn’t even think about how that works. 9 years later I am here and not wondering about anything anymore 🤷‍♂️.

I am used to a few programming languages, know the command line by heart, know a ton about linux and all the stuff around it. Damnit that sounds like I am in love with myself, but that’s not what it should be about today. Maybe another time 😀.

Tmux, Vim, PyCharm, Paw are just a few programs I use throughout the day to get my work done. If you now look at my screen it’s like on these hacker man images. On the screen to my left I got a terminal open with tmux and 7 windows with about 3 panes in each of it, yeah hacker man. In the middle I got PyCharm, with split view, the database view, another terminal at the bottom for running commands and debugging. On the laptop screen itself is just some garbage like messaging tools or a browser for reference. And of course, everything in dark mode. Not only because it looks nicer, also it doesn’t hurt my eyes like light stuff.

But thats just a bit history stuff. It looks totally cool, but it is fucking distracting as hell. And that’s what I actually want to talk about today. In the mean time I really started to get annoyed about all those flashy things and start to reduce them. For example, I liked all the cool and fancy things IDEs do, but I started to be in distraction free mode most of the day. Where you just got one file open like in a good writing software. I also adjusted colors in my terminals to have more contrast, to be easier to read. And it really helps, I am more relaxed while working. And also I cut most of notifications as they are annoying anyway.

Don’t try to look cool, be productive. That’s what counts and not the look of you terminal layout. 👋 10:05:27

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