Happy Birthday

22:36:47 – Now we are home again, since we have visited my parents for my mothers birthday. Today was her birthday, so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

It’s already late, as always, but I am freaking tired today, so don’t expect too much today. This weekend hasn’t be full of work. I think I could calm down a little bit.

So what to write about today; Let’s continue the topic of Friday: Blogging with mobile devices. I was totally focused on Apple there, as I am an Apple user 🤷‍♂️

One of the problems as an Apple user is, with the iPad you got no fully functional PC with you. For example, when I am on holiday, I take tons of photos and videos, which can easily grow to about 30 GB or more per day. With my iPad I had to copy it from the SD card to the local drive and then to a separate hard disk. What an annoying process. The famous golden cage.

That’s the reason, why I always travel with another notebook or my MacBook to make backups easy and seamless.

And for that reason, I already thought about getting a MS Surface. It’s as lightweight as an iPad, but has all the USB slots and SD card reader directly built in, which is awesome. The big downside; Windows. But now with Win 10 and the subsystem for linux, I should get along with it. Let’s see…

That’s it, see you tomorrow! 👋

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