How Minimalism affects my daily life

Uh, that should be an easier one 😉 Yesterdays post wasn‘t easy to write…

Let‘s talk a little about how minimalism affects my daily life in different areas. I bet a few here are mixed up with routines and productivity, but I will try to focus on the benefits of minimalism here.

Morning and Evening

Actually my day, or at least the preparation, begins on the night before. I am preparing my coffee, putting out my clothes for the next day, which is quite easy and fast, since I am wearing the same few things all the time.

If I wouldn‘t have sized down here and had to choose from tons of clothes, this process would require way more time. Actually it is quite satisfying when I am just grabbing the same shirt every morning.

While leaving for work, I have to think about less things that I could forget. In the past I always had a ton of extra cables in the backpack, now it boils down mainly to my little pouch, a laptop and my tablet.

So all in all my morning and evening routine is done way faster than before, since I have to think about less stuff, I am also more relaxed and can sleep better and get up easier.


Before I had a lot of clothes, a lot of different t-shirts, button up shirts, tons of pants. All in different styles, if you would call it like that.

And I was always thinking if that shirt is appropriate for the day and the people I will meet.

Now, I actually don‘t give a shit. I am now always wearing a black shirt, a pair of jeans and some sneakers, vans or alike. If you are judging people because of how they dress, or what they are wearing you are doing something wrong.

And guess what, nobody cares or even notices, that I am wearing the same thing over and over. One or two people asked me if it‘s always the same black shirt, and not it isn‘t 😉 I own 15 equal black shirts.

Not only dressing is easier, also doing the laundry is way quicker than before.


I am meeting regularly with a few people. Be it for getting some drinks together or just having discussions. Or just planning things like world domination.

But I can really count those on one hand. I don’t need 20 people that I call friends, how would I even manage that. I prefer to have a few people that I can count on. Which also means I am just a call away, if they need me.

So by paying attention to who I spend my time with and let in my life, I have more time for the really important people.

Let’s split this

I also wanted to talk about food, work, travel and a few other topics here. But that’s too big for a single post.

Especially for travel there will be a bigger one, when I am sitting in the plane next week. Stay excited 😉