How paper can save your sanity in a digital world

23:09 – It got late today, but I made some significant progress on Codalong. Anyways, I want to talk about something different today.

In the past one or two years, I got nearly 100 percent paperless. I took notes on the iPad, tracked everything with various apps. Have written my reviews in Day One or Grid Diary and so on. Always fully connected. Even the apps I use are highly connected and trigger each other on certain points.

Since the beginning of 2018 I felt kind of overwhelmed, always on fire. But not in the positive way as I am usual. I felt pressure to make Todoist happy and keep up the daily streak, to tick my 5 todos each day. To write daily into Day One and record my habits in Habitica. I like to track myself and optimize myself. But I also need to take care about myself.

And that’s why I went back on paper for some reasons. Let me tell you why on a few examples.

Weekly Review

Usually I would open up my todo manager and take a look what I have done in the past week. And just looked at the number of things I have crushed and feel happy about it.

Now; I open a new site in my notebook (a softcover xlarge dotted moleskine, if you are curious), write the last calendar week on top of the page followed by Weekly Review. Followed by that I have two headlines; WINS and FUCKUPS. And than I put out, what was great this week and what annoyed me, or what I didn’t get done for some reason.

Planning the week

Usually I would open up my todo manager and schedule the tasks for each day. I still do this, but everything afterwards. For a reason. When I don’t look at my apps at this time, I have to think about, what really matters and what’s really important.

There is a column for each day, where I make checkboxes for my habits and write down important events for that day.

On the bottom of the page I write some things I need to take care of this week, which sucked last week. For example if I didn’t work enough on my design skills, I need to find more time in that week and make an appointment for this.

That’s just two

Ok, the 10 minutes are over now, so this will get a second part, or a full blog post on how paper can keep you sane.

The most important thing, I want to point out here is, when working with paper and looking at all the todo items, you clearly think about what’s important and not only urgent. See you tomorrow!

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