How thoughts affect my life

How thoughts affect my life

3358 kilometers until we arrive in Mumbai. Here in the cabin of the plane, you always can enjoy some uninterrupted thoughts. There are no phone calls, emails, or anything ringing and beeping. Of course, other factors could disturb you, but for me, it’s way more enjoyable to think and write on a plane than on a train, for example.

You are forced to disconnect, which leaves room for some thoughts and thinking about how they affect my day-to-day life.

They can lift you up high

Thinking about a situation where you felt on top of yourself, were confident and had everything under control is great for motivation, isn’t it?

That doesn’t only work for the past, it also works for them in front of you. Imagine an exam that will come up, you have two options; thinking about yourself horribly failing the exam and getting laughed at by everybody around, or getting passed a certificate in a moment of honor while the sun bursts through the windows and lights up the whole room.

If you are always keeping your goals visible and keep the end state in your mind, it’s really hard not being motivated by that particular thought. You want to lose 10 kilograms? Just think about how freaking handsome you will look. And by envisioning that, you probably also now what’s necessary for that.

Or drag you to hell

Sadly our thoguhts also can give us a hard time, like not letting us sleep.

I am struggling with this myself, so I can sing you a song about that… It’s like a rabbit hole, it starts with one thought that leads to another, and this one leads to something entirely different and bam, you are soaked into the spiral of thoughts. And then your alarm goes off and you recognize that you hardly slept an hour.

Or that our brain comes up with the craziest scenarios that could happen, that we don’t even know yet. You are getting an invitation to a meeting with your boss for no specific reason. Your brain will tell that you are either going the be fired, that your boss sleeps with your wife or worse.

Even if nothing of that is true, you are getting annoyed by the people that appear in your thoughts.

At this point, you need to get aware of something, our thoughts are not the reality and also you are not your thoughts.

You are not your thoughts

You are defined by your actions, not by your thoughts.

Our brain is playing a lot of tricks on us, every single day. We can not even influence what we think about. Our brain is mostly controlled by external influences, and this ends up in thoughts, good and bad.

Don’t believe me? Ok, then let’s do an experiment. Tomorrow morning you get up and you are only allowed to thing about pink bunnies they whole day. Give it a shot and tell me in the comments.

Therefore it is even more important to feed yourself and your brain with positive energy and not with bullshit that creates negativity

in your head.

It’s like it is with food, you are what you consume.

Reflect on your thoughts

Whenever you are noticing that you are getting in the spiral of shitty thoughts and you start reflecting on these thoughts, stop that. Get out of that moment and realize that these thoughts are not real and that your brain is probably playing tricks on you.