How to be creative?

23:38:16 Nearly missed todays writing, I just forgot the time.

Today I want to write about a topic that bothers me for days now, being creative. I don’t feel creative in the last week, which may reflect in the last posts. I am sorry if this is recognizable in the last few posts. So let’s revisit, what I need to be creative.

The most creative I am when I am around like minded people, people that think like me, no matter if it’s tech people or bloggers. When I then come home and want to write, the words just flow.

But when I am home alone, this doesn’t work. Then I like to dig into some books and read a few lines.

Writing about tech is simpler in my opinion. When I don’t have inspiration there, I fire up twitter and look at the hashtag webdev or take a look into some well known sources or blogs.

What to do, when you are totally not inspired and don’t have anything to write about? Simple, I fire up google and search for something like topics for blog posts, read for 5 minutes and then I should have an idea. That easy 👍

That’s it for today. Happy easter! 👋

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