How I deal with stress

So today I am going to travel home from Mumbai today and guess what, that can result in some stress. Doing the last meetings, saying good bye to everybody in the office, getting back to the hotel, packing your stuff, checking out… I don’t need to continue here. You already know what I am talking about. Stress, kind of.

In this post I want to give you my strategies on the way, how to handle it and cool down.

Slowing Down

When I am having such a day, I am trying to slow down in between by doing something intentionally slow. For example, every time I am traveling somewhere, I am trying to take my coffee maker and my grinder with me. Why? On one hand, I like coffee and in most hotels it just ain’t that good. On the other hand, when I am preparing coffee I first need to grind my beans, I need to cook water, I need to pour it in and slowly press it down.

You get what I mean? It takes time. And I am at that time just focusing on making that coffee. By doing something intentionally slow, my brain calms down and I feel less stress.

Another thing could be cooking something fresh. Instead of going home after a stressful day and putting something into the microwave, you should do something that takes some time and slows you down. So you really focus on preparing the food. Trust me, after that you will feel better.

Be it writing, be it cooking, pouring coffee, do something that takes your attention and is intentionally slow.

Shutting Off

Most stress in my life is created by technology, which is not surprising, working as a technical lead. Be it emails that arrive that piss me off or a server shutting down and screwing up the whole website.

Good thing about technology is, you can shut it down. When I had a really stressful day, I am just leaving the house without any electronical device or just turn them off.

By not being reachable at all I can really calm down. If you cannot resist turning it on again, really leave the house without all of your stuff.

Thinking About The Stress

Another thing that also works, but not always is to dig in why you are stressed.

Think about what really stresses you and there is a chance that it is something really minor and you can easily eliminate that factor.

If this is not helping, try the next step (or any of the above of course).

Write it down

Yes, I am writing blog posts and a lot of other things. For me writing is pretty normal.

But even if you are not writing at all in your daily life it can really help to write down your issues. Write them down in a notebook or on a piece of paper. After that, put that book away.

When you are looking later at your issues you will realize, they probably aren’t that important as you thought in the first place.