How to minimalize your Everyday Carry

Before thinking about minimalism, I could be called a maximalist, if that term exists. I carried a shit load of stuff around everyday. I had this little pouch with adapters, SD-cards, USB-Sticks, batteries and even more with me. That didn’t only result in a slightly heavier backpack, it also resulted in a lot of thought, if I have missed anything.

Also the stuff I had in my pockets, well, it was too much. Tons of Keys, USB-Stick, a huge wallet with tons of cards and more.

Let’s size down.

Be honest to yourself

The first step in minimalizing your everyday carry, is being honest and thoughtful about, what you are really going to need on a daily basis. Do you really need that 4000000000 mAh power bank each day? 

Let’s start

Let’s begin with your wallet. How many cards are inside there? 10? 15? Even more? What cards do you really need for an average day? Do you need that bonus card from that store you are visiting once a year? If you get rid of them, your wallet should be lighter in a second. Since I don’t carry coins or much cash, this was the biggest improvement to my overall EDC. Next, if you live outside of Germany you are probably not carrying large amounts of cash anyway, but also try to size down here. I am mostly paying by card, and if I carry cash there should only be notes. The coins I get for change, I put in a piggy bank each evening (You won’t believe how this sums up 😬).

Now that your wallet is empty anyway, you can also size down here and get a wallet, that saves space. This is not required, but if you limit your available space, it’s harder to fill it up with unnecessary items again.

What else are you carrying? Probably a certain amount of keys. You are not a janitor, you don’t need a hundred keys. When I looked at my keyring, I was a bit surprised, what I was carrying around all day long. At that time I had 3 keys for the office I was working in, one for the garage of my parents that live 250 kilometers away, one for the house of my parents, one for my apartment, one for the mailbox, one for my bike, one for my car, one chip for the alarm system in the office… So you can see, I felt like the janitor. 10 items on my keyring, that’s a lot and I bet, I am not alone.

To size down here, was quite simple. I am now only carrying the keys I really need, and since I switched jobs, I am also only having one key for the office.

Carrying 4 keys, instead of 10 is a huge improvement. There is a carabiner attached to my keyring and each time I need more keys, for example when visiting my parents, I can just attach them there.

What’s left?

Another thing I am also carrying around are my headphones. I am consuming a lot of podcasts throughout the day. Since I have gotten AirPods last year, that’s really a no brainer. You know that fifth bag on each jeans? I am sure it’s made for AirPods. As these are really the smallest headphones I know, there is no sizing done necessary.

The last thing, I am carrying around on a daily basis, is my comb, useful for hair and beard. This one is so flat, most of the time I don’t even recognize it’s there.

And of course my iPhone 😬

Less stuff, less confusion

If I left the house before that, I had to check, if I have this and that. Now everything is in place and I can stop checking a hundred times, if I have anything.

How does your every day carry look like? Have you already sized down? Let’s have a chat in the comments!