How to stay motivated

Yesterday‘s article was about how to get started. By lowering the bar for starting, we can started, but that‘s actually only half of the process.

In today‘s post, we are going to talk about how to stay motivated, how to keep going in process.

Be accountable

No matter which habit or project you are working on, you need be accountable. By going public with your plan, you are applying some force to yourself.

Making your plan in some ways public, puts up a burden on you. Either tell your friends or family about it or publish what you are up to on social media or your blog.

That requires a bit of self esteem, but trust me here, there are people out there on the same road that will also support you.

Tell your spouse or family that you need to work on your project every day and ask them to remind you about that, ask questions. The more people know about your project, the more support you will get.

If you are doing some kind of weekly review or planning, include a review of your current project or habit. Ask yourself questions about the progress, what went well, what you could improve.

You can also use technology to solve that, like a habit tracker or some kind of task management software.

By being accountable to yourself and others you won’t fall into old behaviors so quickly.

Inspire others

This goes hand in hand with the point above. If you don’t want to be on your road alone, inspire others to challenger theirselves to. If it’s a sports challenge, go to the gym together. Or go to a cafe together to work on a project.

By inspiring others to take action you can easily build a quite strong support network. You help them, they are helping you.

Add Reminders – Digital and Analog

I am using Todoist to keep track of my tasks, but also to remind me of certain things. For example it reminds of reading a certain amount of pages every day.

But you don‘t even need to get digital here. If you are a fan of post-its, then put them up where you see them every morning, for example on the mirror in the bath room. And write your goal or next step there.

There will be roadblocks – prepare for them

Have you ever seen a project or a mission that exactly worked like plan? Straight from A to Z? Me neither. There will always be some hiccups, some road blocks. Don’t fool yourself by thinking you laid out a perfect plan without any issues.

But since you know, that also you will have struggles to follow your path, prepare for that.

For example, if you are doing a challenge like workout every day for a month and you think you will visiting your parents for two days and therefore aren’t able to visit a gym, plan some workout that you can do from home, like body-weight training.

Or like I had to do today, as I am right now publishing every day I had to consider that I will be traveling nearly a whole day and won’t have an internet connection. I am also having a time difference in Mumbai, that I also need to consider. But by planning that upfront I don’t have any issues with continuing my project.

Plan your next steps / baby steps

In the last post I already told you plan baby steps. By doing this you will be able to see results quicker, then if you say, I want to lose 15 kilograms of weight. Instead formulate small goals on the road.

Not only you are seeing results here quicker, you are also able to adjust easily.

If you are saying, the goal is to lose 15 kilograms by the end of the year, put a few steps in between. Say “I want to lose 3 kilograms by the end of May, and another 3 by the 15th of July” Something like that. You will be happier if you can tick off that 3 kilogram every time and you are again having checkpoints that you can take into your weekly reviews. Imagine a 15 kilogram goal for over half of a year, you would say “Not reached” 26 times.

If you are not doing a weekly review, you should start that. Otherwise you are just guessing about your path. You need to know where you are standing.

Reward yourself from time to time

We all can work only so many hours. We also need some time off to refresh ourselves.

So after a certain amount of reached goals, grant yourself with something nice and I don’t mean purchasing any shit or so. Do something, that you usually don’t take time for.

This will also help you keep going.


These are the things that keep me going. Telling people about my plans, asking them for support, planning possible road blocks in, knowing my next steps and rewarding myself from time to time.

You won’t believe how supportive people can be. There are at least 5 people that are daily asking me where my blog post is and also giving me feedback. Out of the feedback this blog post was created.

See you tomorrow!