I am not reachable

It’s now the third week of 2018 and I already have made some changes, little changes, but they already have shown a major effect on my overall well being. Let me tell you about it.


In the first week of January I was on vacation, at least I should be. I wanted to have some time for myself and my girlfriend. Time to set goals and reboot. I really love the work I do, also if it requires me some time to put in all nighters or be on call most of the time. But this time I couldn’t calm down for a single day. Every single day, I got another mail, another instant message, ‘hey could you… please?’. In the last years I would have jumped to my laptop and fixed all the issues in my holidays. This time it had another effect.


In general I have disabled most notifications on my phone, so I get less distracted. There are a few apps, like phone that should ring and wake me up or notify me. But this time I have gone a bit further. I have deleted all messaging accounts and mail boxes, that were related to that job. The same goes for my iPad. I deleted Jira, Confluence, Hangouts and some Airmail Inboxes.

You won’t believe what an amazing relieving effect this had. As long as I am not sitting in front of my notebook, I am not reachable. And this feeling is scary first but then amazing.

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