I deleted all of my Instagram photos, here’s why

I deleted all of my Instagram photos, here’s why

Back in the days, when I started with Instagram, I uploaded photos of my laptop with some development project I am currently working on. When I look back, nah that ain’t me anymore.

Realising the Issues

I had a talk with someone last week and we talked a little about Instagram and the reaction to my feed was “Wow, I’ve not known, that you can take photos of a notebook in so many angles”. And that wasn’t a compliment.

For quite a long time I really disliked my own account, it was filled mostly with pictures of stuff. Stuff that I either don’t care about or stuff that are just tools to get my work done. But exactly that kind of stuff was the center of my Instagram.

You could actually think, that my MacBook was the most important thing in my live, so many pictures of it where there. Actually I am not.

Bad Example

When I was posting daily to that feed, I was taking fancy pictures of my equipment, which mostly consisted of my notebook, tablet, phones and camera gear. But in the same sentence I told, gear doesn’t matter.

What should a beginner think that watches the feed, or the other feeds out there. Of course you think you will need the latest spec’d out MacBook Pro with tons of memory and spiking CPU to get shit done.

No Value

Because I disliked the feed that much, I had no real intention to put anything out there and just posted meaningless stuff.

I couldn’t see any value added to my readers or followers in the posts that I made in the last year.

So, What’s the Plan?

I want the account to reflect myself and my values and not my belongings.

It will be about experiences, good and bad.

I want to share knowledge and inspire you to think for yourself.

It will be about minimalism, productivity, self management, essentialism and the list goes on like this.

You can check the about page of this blog to get a grasp on what the Instagram account will look like. Like with this blog, I won’t limit myself there.

And yes, there will be also photos of tech again. But the account shouldn’t be centered around a piece of aluminium, instead I want it to make you think about something.

To give you something on the way

If you are planning to start or already have started a public presence, like a blog, instagram, twitter or whatsoever, make sure to put out the right thing.

There are already enough toxic places on the web.

If you are on the consuming end, don’t take everything serious that you see there. You don’t need great equipment to get started, you don’t need to buy everything mentioned in the latest youtube unboxing channel.

All the channels either started small and have grown up on their way, or it’s shady people that haven’t earned their stuff by themselves. They often bought in with someone elses money.