I don't know - say it

When I entered the job world after finishing IT school I thought I know everything, luckily I didn’t. I was standing there, thinking I am ready to tackle just anything. Luckily I fell on my nose pretty quickly.

I didn’t know anything, yeah in school I learned how to do this and that, but I haven’t done it. I have done it theoretically. And on the other hand where should that knowledge come from, I was 18 years old, there had to be smarter people than me that I could learn from.

By admitting that, by admitting the fact that I am not the smartest person in the room it did wonders to me. As soon as I admitted I don’t know, I was freed to learn everything.

Only by knowing that you nothing, you are ready to learn and soak up knowledge. Also if you admit it in front of other people, they are eager to share their knowledge to you if they have the feeling it’s worth it.

If somebody approaches me that knows everything better than me, what do you think is the reaction? Why should I help and teach this smart-ass if he or she already knows everything?

On the other hand, there is also no point in holding back any knowledge. I love sharing knowledge; I love seeing other people learn and improve. Why would I otherwise write this blog? Don’t be afraid of telling people what you know; you are not weakening yourself by sharing your experience. The opposite happens, you will discover your gaps by that as well.

Today, I am not building server systems anymore. Also, I am not writing that much code anymore. I am now in the area of managing people, actually a lot of people and no, I haven’t done that before.

And also I don’t know how to manage thirty people. But since I know that fact, I can work on myself and ask other people for help, look for coaching, read books, watch videos and listen to podcasts and so on.

If I would be standing there bold and pretend I would know, I probably would fail.

Now, say it; I don’t know