I don't want a work life balance

For multiple years now, I am sitting on the other site of interviews. Asking questions, hearing what the candidates have to say. From year to year, I am hearing one question popping up more and more; How’s the work life balance in your company?

To be honest? I have never thought about this question myself. Simply because I don’t want a work life balance.

Get happy with what you do

Since I started working after IT school back in 2011, I have always been looking forward to the next stage, the next cool thing, I always wanted to help people and advance myself. I never thought a second about that I need to work less.

Of course, I had jobs where I worked too much for the wrong reason, where the job couldn’t fulfill me anymore. Jobs that had become a dead end in some way. Be it a dying company or a job where I just did everything that I could do for that company and didn’t see any future.

I always looked for the next step, from a sysadmin, to a so-called devops, to a lead developer to a technical lead and now to the head of entire department.

Because I am always working on myself, I am always staying excited and happy with what I do. I am working on the bigger goal and it all adds up to what I want to become.

It’s simple math

In “The Millionare Fastlane” by M. J. DeMarco the author talks about a comparison; by always waiting for the weekend to live your life, you are trading 2 for 5. 2 days of enjoyment vs 5 days of hard labor.

You give 5 dollars and get 2, would you do that? Probably not… So I am giving basically 7. All the time.

Don’t get fooled here, I am taking time for myself, not to less. But that’s something for another article.

I am working on multiple topics, like financial freedom, to be able to always live the life I want. There will some sacrifices here and there. But I know, it will be worth it.

Don’t get me wrong here; I am not talking about the magical some day, that never comes. I am talking about a near future. 5 to 10 years. I am not looking for a life where I work my ass off until I am 65 and can enjoy my life for another twenty to thirty years. I want to enjoy my life now.

You have that one life

Of course, you can stay in bed and dream about the great work life balance that you have. In the mean time, others get up and do the work, while you are sleeping.

But the outcome is clear. When you get up at twelve and pat yourself on the shoulder about your balance others will be out there, getting the things done and living the life that they want, when they want and how they want.