I love Mondays

Especially when I take a day off 😜 Today I took a day off and advanced my node skills. Also I put a little effort in dockerizing my application.

Let’s talk a bit about docker. When the first docker beta came out, I think it was 2012 or 2011, or something like this, I was thrilled to try it out. I had used container stuff before with LXC, but Docker seamed way better. Sadly it wasn’t ready for production back in the days. I lost the interest a bit. <rant> A year or 2 later everybody used docker and it was useful to get followers on twitter just using #docker in every tweet </rant>. At that point Docker was way to confusing to use. Docker Swarm, Compose, Machine, Boot2Docker and all this stuff, in my opinion it was just too much. And bam interest lost again.

A few months ago I felt the deep need to take a look again at it and this time it was different. With all the new stuff, like stacks and services it finally felt ready. Ready to be used in production. Little disclaimer here: It could have been ready for years now, but I just haven’t felt the need to dive into it again.

As it felt complete I started putting some of my environments and also prod systems into containers. But the sysadmin in me always missed the security of just sshing into the machine and looking if everything was ok, but that’s just one of the things you have to pay 🤷‍♀️.

Now I am happy to use it everyday, especially in development. I don’t have to provision huge ass virtual machines, I just clip the images together and I am ready 👍.

Enough hype for today! See you tomorrow, I hope in the morning again 😎.

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