I only need to buy X before I start

Is that you? It was me. When I started going to the gym and lifting weights I looked for the coolest gym gear I could find and bought a lot of things I didn’t even know how to use. But the thing is, I thought they make me better. It turns out, they don’t.

But I experienced this thing in so many ways. I also looked for cool gadgets, to fill my workspace. USB gadgets all over the place. When I started building stuff with the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi, I also bought a ton of sensors. I didn’t even what to use them for.

After reading a lot about minimalism, not that thing with white tables and white walls all over the place, I started getting rid of a lot of these things. I am still in the process of getting rid of things. But now I now, that all of these actions, where the wrong first thing to do.

Instead of going out there and searching for the coolest stuff for the new thing I want to learn, I try to do my best, with the things I have. And only when I have outgrown these things, I am looking for the stuff that will improve me in this hobby or in this area.

In short, your gear doesn’t matter. You can achieve so much with less. You don’t need a MacBook Pro to start programming, I learned it on a ThinkPad T42 which I bought used for 100 Euro. You don’t need great running shoes to go to the gym. You don’t need a 3000 Euro camera, to learn shooting photos, a used one from eBay is enough for the beginning. Only look for upgrades, if you really need them.

Sometimes, less is more. See you tomorrow!

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