Is it worth it?

This is something I am often thinking about, is the way I am living worth it? Why I am not just taking an easy path, like other people do.

Working their 8 hours a day, going home, turning the TV on and don’t think a second about any goals or anything they want to achieve.

Instead I am coming home, most of the time not just after 8 hours, starting to write a blog post or watching a video course, either about tech, leadership stuff or writing related. I am not giving myself too much free time, because then I feel it’s wasted. If there is something I am interested and do not understand, I want to learn. I am ruthless with myself.

And when I am really exhausted after some of that, I am asking myself, is it worth it? Let’s dig a little into that question.

What do you want to achieve in life?

I cannot imagine living a mediocre life. My goal is not to get rich or to buy 15 cars, but I want a fulfilled life. That means something else to everybody.

My goals are clear; Financial freedom, a house somewhere in the north (Norway, Sweden, something like that), a location independent business.

And that doesn‘t really work out with a normal 9-to-5 schedule. I also can‘t imagine doing that. When I am watching TV I get bored. When I have to do the same thing over and over again. No, that ain‘t me.

I want to learn something new every day. If I am doing the same exact thing right now next year in May, I am probably doing something wrong.

Personally I got no issue with working a lot. As long as it gives me something back and I am taking care of myself, I can go on with this for a long time. But also don‘t forget everybody needs a break from time to time.

Being Not Normal

People around you will tell you to cut back, slow down and don‘t work yourself off. It‘s not the goal to work yourself off, but sometimes you need to put in the work.

There is this saying, To get something you have never had, you need to do something you have never done. It requires effort to get to a state where you can say you are living a fulfilled life.

I won‘t be able to answer

I‘ve had this discussion last week. About the way some of us are living their life; not being normal, working a lot, treating their life like a business, optimizing theirselves, planning everything, always the goal in mind.

And the question came up, do you think it‘s worth it?. I don‘t know. And yes, I won‘t be able to answer it right now. And that‘s good.

It‘s easy

When I am able to answer this question, I either have reached all of my goals or I have given up and settled for mediocracy.

This may sound stupid to some, but the way there is the thing I like, going through tough times, learning, improving and always thriving to get better. And probably I will never settle. That‘s what keeps me going.