Isn’t minimalism a contradiction?

I once had a talk trying to explain someone minimalism. The immediate response was; if minimalism in itself wouldn’t be a contradiction and if that’s not even quite excessive.

A quite interesting view, let’s discuss that from multiple viewpoints.


Probably I had a weird look in my face when I first heard that. But maybe to people outside of minimalism that sounds crazy. Let me rephrase my favorite quote Have less – be more for you:

Have less that you need take care of, to make space for other stuff you can do and take care of.

And suddenly it sounds weird. That’s what was understand by him.

For some people it could become true. If you are getting rid of all your stuff, you have more time, more money and more energy to acquire more stuff and search for new hobbies that lead to more stuff again.

And yes, this can be a contradiction. If you are just getting rid of stuff because you are moving to a smaller apartment or because you are doing a one year trip around the world, chances are high, as soon as you are having the space, you will fill that space again.

But you are forgetting one thing, becoming a minimalist is a decision, it’s a conscious act to decide you want to own less to be able to experience more of life.

The wish to own less and less

I definitely sign that. When I started looking into minimalism, my home was cluttered, I was owning so much clothes and so much tech stuff, it barely fit into my office.

After throwing out that much, I truly felt a little addicted to it. There was quite an urge to run around with the trash can and find stuff to sort out and get rid off.

Of course it does. Minimalism makes happy and our body is quite simple with that. If it makes happy, give me more.

So every time we get rid of something we give away a responsibility to take care of something. Indeed this can make a little addicted, but that gets cured very easily. I arrived at a point where I am just happy with the stuff that I have and don’t want to have more or less.

Plus; I have never heard of a minimalism addict that is running around naked on the street and screaming about minimalism.

You don’t need to be a minimalist

Another thought that fits well here; you don’t have to be a minimalist to own less.

Also there is no one telling you what a minimalist is and what not, it’s your own view of life.

In the end it’s how you are defining it and what yo are making out of it.

There is no minimalist level 31.