It works for me, but that doesn‘t mean it works for you

I am not the only guy writing on the internet about productivity and minimalism. If you didn‘t recongize that, get out of your cave, dude.

For myself I created a kind of productivity framework that works for me, for the job I am doing and for my schedule. I am combining a set of techniques, apps and routines that fit for my day.

In all of that what I mentioned above is one fact you shouldn‘t ignore; for „me“ it works. And that‘s the point of this article.

If you are starting to search the internet or the book stores for productivity advice, there are a lot of people trying to sell you a one-size solution. With that system you are going to make it, well sorry, no, that‘s bullshit.

All of us have very different personalities and also different life situations. We are motivated by different aspects of a task, and we are also approaching things differently. We were raised in a different manner. Our parents have teached us different values. We are separate human beings. When it comes to productivity there is no one size fits all solution.

Experiment with it

When you are just starting out, it‘s ok to adapt a routine or schedule of a mentor. By reading or listening you will understand why he is doing what.

Try that for a while and see how it applies to your life. If that guy is a software developer and you are too, well, you have something in common, that‘s good. The job related things will probably work out, even if they don‘t have to. Companies to work in are different too.

If the job part works out, you are probably falling short in another area of life. He or she could have a vastly different family situation. He could be 45 year old father with a child, while you are single without anyone else to take care off than yourself.

If you are reaching that point, search for other resources on that topics, but keep the good parts.

There are so many people writing on this topic and none of them will fit you one hundred percent.


Since I was a developer not so long ago, I would like to use the term framework here.

In IT a framework in most cases defines a set of tools, put together to reach a bigger goal.

This doesn‘t only apply in IT. It also applies for productivity and getting shit done. There are a lot of tools available to choose from.

Only because I am using Todoist, Jira and Ulysses it doesn‘t mean you have to do too. I am also trying to write my productivity advice as general as possible, so you can easily switch them out. In software development we are always talking about buzzwords like microservices and API-first. With that approach it‘s easy to loosely couple systems together.

Build your framework of productivity tools and don‘t just try to copy a guy from the internet that tells you, his approach is best.