It’s a process – it doesn’t work over night

I think I don’t have to mention it, that I am quite into self optimization and stuff like productivity. But anyways, I am totally into this stuff.

I am thriving to get better and more organized, more productive. And sometimes people ask me for tools or methods, they could use. Of course, I am happy to help; but don’t think because you buy a tool or download the certain app that I use, or other people use, you are getting productive over night.

It takes time

Let’s use Pomodoro as an example here. When I am able to sketch out the tasks of a day, I split them down to 25 minute long tasks. When I estimated a feature I have to develop to 2 hours, it’s probably split into 4 pomodori, one for research and laying it out, two pomodori for actually writing the code and one for testing or integration. Only one example.

The thing is, you need to take your time to learn the system. You don’t wake up in the morning and think, today I am going to crush 15 pomodori, without having them planned.

Stick with it

It’s the same thing as everywhere in life; consistency counts and pays off. By using a system or an app for one day, it want stick long. Let’s stick with Pomodoro here. If you do it for one day, great, it’s a good start. But to develop the habit of working in 25 minute boxes, you need to do every single day, to get it into your head.

Consistency is key

Accepting that a new habit takes time to be implemented into your life can be frustrating. But it pays off. Stick to it and keep the momentum. See you tomorrow!

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