It’s late and I have no ideas left 🤔

23:48:28 It’s getting closer to midnight, when I am thinking about what to write.

One topic which I am discussing to myself is transparency in a company. So do you want to know every freaking detail? Or is it just a job and you don’t give a fuck about the vision of the founder and stuff like this? The not-giving-a-shit part isn’t me, I like to know everything, because the better I can plan the setup for the company. The better I can predict the future and how much effort to put in which topic.

Will feature A be relevant in a month? Or will it be replaced anyway. That’s important to know what things to put effort in.

I never understood people that told me; “the less I know, the less I have to care about”. That’s no way, I could work. I am also not interested in the latest gossip of who dates who and stuff like this, but I like to know, how the finances of the company are going, after all it’s also about my financial future.

What do you think? Which kind of stuff do you want to know about? Does your company try to keep things as secret as possible from the employees?

Ok, that’s it for today! See you tomorrow! 👋

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