It's OK to be boring

It's now 14 days that I am getting up and write as a first thing in the morning for at least an hour. Do you want to know my process for this?

I stand up. I brush my teeth. I put my ass in the chair. I start writing.

Boring, right? But everything else would just make it more complicated. By keeping it as simple as possible there are less chances that I will get interrupted or that I will fail in some way.

“Don’t try to impress an invisible jury of MBA professors. It’s OK to be casual.” — Derek Sivers

We as humans often tend to make things more complicated because we think it has to. Have "a process" for doing things, a proper workflow....

Often we think, as Derek Sivers says, there is a jury watching us. We are trying to look skilled. Even that the only thing we are doing is wasting time. I really love to tinker around, but I am not blowing it up, just for the cause of doing so.

Instead, I try to make it simpler. I remove things intentionally.

When you look into the book Daily Routines by Mason Curry, besides drinking a lot of alcohol and smoking a lot, the smartest and most productive people of the last centuries didn't have big processes as well. They kept it simple. They had only one thing in common: Showing up every day.

Simplicity not only makes your life easier, it also makes hard things a lot easier. Want to achieve something in your life? Lower the barrier.

You want to read more? Block time in your calendar and define a place where to read, and have the book ready there.

You want to write more? Open up a text editor and start to write. There is no magical 72-step plan to make you a writer if you are not putting in the work.

And it's OK to be boring there. I am sitting here and writing this at 8 AM at my desk with a bottle of water, right after I have brushed my teeth. I didn't have a fancy routine before. There is no ritual. Just me, my computer, a keyboard.

Daniel Hauck

Daniel Hauck