It’s you – It’s your fault

22:13:35 – So it’s the day before my girls birthday, we are watching some movies and waiting for 12 o’ clock to get the fancy cake. But of course I have to do my writing.

One thing I have thought about in the previous days I want to write about today. Excuses and searching the fault. Like everybody else I have made excuses in my life. I cannot do X because of that personI am not happy because of YI cannot sit down and work because of that person — on and on and on and on…

That is something I had to learn and that is something you have to learn too. It’s your fault and it’s always your own freaking fault. When you don’t sit down and work, you are not planning your day, not managing yourself, not advancing yourself; it’s you, you and you.

It’s not the fault of your parents, your spouse or anyone. Sit on your ass and get some work done and not try to blame anyone else for your own failures.

Next week there will be longer posts again, see you then! 👋

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