Just write 10 minutes each morning

I’ve totally lost my writing habit at the moment. I used to write every day, even if it just were a few minutes. To keep working on my goals, I need this habit back and that’s what today is about.

How to get a habit of writing

Since I lost my habit, I am not the person to tell you, how to generate a writing habit. But I will try my best.

In some podcast, I think it was a conversation between Mike Vardy and Shawn Blanc, they talked about another guy (I can’t remember the name) who would wake up every morning and just sit down and write for 10 minutes. Do nothing else than just type. If you know the name of the guy, please comment.

You always have something in your brain, that’s worth it to write down. I got a ton of stuff in my head, which I could write down.

So I’ll challenge myself a bit. For the next 30 days, I will sit down 10 minutes each day and just write, without putting too much effort in picking the topic, and publish it right here on the blog.

I hope it will get better from day to day, since my brain will adapt to the situation. Probably in these quick notes itself I also will tell you about the experience or changes in my writing I am noticing.

My clock now says 3:40 and I got 247 words, so this post is a got reference of length.

Also some topics which I didn’t think were worth a longer blog post, I will probably just drop here. I am excited 👍.

2:18 left. I need so find some pictures I could put in every day, although I am taking enough, so it will probably be the view from my window or balcony or something like this. This is also an element where I am too lazy most of the times. Taking a picture, editing it and uploading it to the blog post. This will be a good exercise. 16 seconds left, have a nice day guys and see you tomorrow!