Why Leadership Needs A Refactoring?

When you think about great leaders, who do you think about? Ancient heroes, activists, CEOs and other public people or maybe your parents?

And why? Because these people inspire us. These people are able to ignite a fire in us and motivate us to grow. These people build and lead organization where everyone is able to thrive, not only the numbers.

And now let's look at the average manager. Everything that he or she sees are resources. Parts that need to monitored, fixed or maybe even swapped out. The most important task is to write reports to the next manager in the food chain. With inspiration and growth that has not much common.

There are positive trends, calling humans the biggest potential. But you are better off not questioning hierarchy.

And what about Agile?

When Agile is introduced in most companies the management mostly is forgotten. Nobody talks about what changes for team lead or other managers. Eventually everybody is self-organized now.

With the fear of being dispensable good managers can turn bad. Blocking, sabotaging, giving up, are only a few things that can and will happen.

But there is light...

Don't worry, I am not claiming that I am the leadership messiah. But still; there is light. There is another way.

And that's my motivation for starting this blog. If you are a manager, or want to become one, this blog should be right for you.

At the core I will be talking about Agile leadership and everything that resonates with that. That be Agile methods, several tactics on how to build and grow organizations and lots of other things as well. The goal is clear; Help other leaders and managers embrace an Agile Mindset. The rest we will figure out along the way, eventually we are Agile here. 😉

Daniel Hauck

Daniel Hauck