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22:59:41 Late again, great. I’ve been on a frontend developer meetup today. And that’s what I want to write about today. Learn something new every day.

I would consider myself as a huge reader or consumer. I was always curious how things work and tried to improve my skills every day. Not only when it comes to my job as a tech guy, also when it comes to cooking or anything else in life.

I always try to improve myself, for example I watch YouTube videos on how to cut vegetables the most efficient and fastest way. But how to develop a routine for learning every day?

Here are a few methods I have developed over the years:

  • Create reminders in your todo list:
    Todoist for example supports recurring tasks. I got two recurring tasks that just have a link to the Medium app where I have tons of bookmarks on articles I want to read
  • Use random videos in the TED app:
    I want to listen to a non-tech ted talk every day, be it finance, politics or economy. I open up the TED Talks app every day and just listen to a random talk. With this I discovered Simon Sinek, which is an amazin human being and inspiring person.
  • Use a read later service:
    As I am curious all the time, I need to have a list, what stuff I want to read, but I don’t always have the time to read it just now. So I utilize Pocket for capturing all sorts of links and read them whenever I got time.

I think that’s all of my tips to be constantly learning. If something comes up in my mind, I’ll link it here, see you tomorrow guys!

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