Learning "How to Write Better" #02

I am at the end of the second week of the course "How to Write Better". Tomorrow I will publish my second accountability report in the forum. Here is what I learned in the second week.

It's about intention

The first two weeks I always got up at 5 AM to get my writing done as the first thing in the day.

That's cool, but there is also a misconception. Writing is not something that I want to get done. I love writing. I want to do it more often and implement it as a routine in my life.

It's a good practice to prioritize it as a first thing in the morning, but not do it to "get it done".

Keep the barrier low

I have written about this in the past already, keeping the barrier low, but I got often reminded in the last two weeks.

Make the writing as effortless as possible. Be prepared so that you can just get into the chair without any friction.

When I do it first in the morning, I make sure my desk is clutter-free. I will also make sure that all distracting tools, like Slack and Mail, are closed on my laptop.

As I changed the routine up, I also talked to my spouse about it and told her when I will have my daily writing session and put it into my calendar. So, she's aware, and I also feel more entitled to do it ;).

Daniel Hauck

Daniel Hauck

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