Let’s end this now

I (again) haven’t kept up my schedule of writing everyday. Or not writing, better said publishing. I am writing every single freaking day.

But writing for the sake of just putting some words out everyday, it started to become annoying to me. I didn’t publish because I didn’t find the time to. I sat there and just didn’t feel like sitting there and just writing something to put it out there. And that’s the main reason, I won’t be doing this anymore.

Instead I will focus on longer stories. Maybe there will be also one daily, but maybe not, if I don’t think it’s worth a single post. Maybe there is also a one sentence post about a thing that I encountered that day, or maybe nothing.

That 10 minute writing thing also kind of limited me in the end. If I wanted to put out more I was afraid that I couldn’t fill the next day and so on. That’s why this 10 minute things ends for now. And no, I won’t publish anything like “here is season 3” tomorrow 😉

Instead of “See you tomorrow” here is a “See you when a new post is ready 🤷‍♂️

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