Let’s revisit organization

23:32:00 Late again, but I am used to that now 🤷‍♀️

So I listened to some podcasts again, as everyday. Today was about revisiting digital organization. Actually I got that topic from multiple sources. A podcast about Mac Power Users, a YouTube channel about minimalism and some single blogs.

And all these sources confirm for me, that I wan’t to keep most of the stuff away from my notebook and use my iPad mainly for this kind of stuff. To have it kind of ‘out of the way’.

Also it’s way easier to backup an iPad than a mac 👍. So I will move on with this in the next days. This fits well because we will visit the parents of my girlfriend where I will use mostly the iPad anyways. The biggest task will be to organize Evernote and decide if I even will continue to use it as my second brain, since I play around with the app Bear from time to time 🤔. But at least for contract and recipes, it will be Evernote 🐘.

In case of task management I will stick with Todoist. I switched to Things 3 for a week, which is beautiful, but it just wasn’t for me, maybe another time.

But let’s clean up Evernote fast, maybe more on that tomorrow. Now I will watch another episode of Scream with my girlfriend 😘 See you tomorrow! 👋

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