Let’s try something entirely new

Right now, I have this magical feeling of motivation. I have done a few things, that I always pushed to the next day, the next week or the next month. For example Codalong.

When you look at the registration date of codalong, it should be something around January or February of this year. And since then, I have put it off. I have always waited for some magical moment that will come and push all my doubts away, magically. I have planned and developed multiple versions of a frontend, with React and Gatsby and Django and so on. But I haven’t written any article.

I am sure, I will develop another frontend solution than a quite basic WordPress theme, but not for now. First let’s start with putting out some content. Even if I don’t promote it right now, the content can still work in the Google index and bring me some visitors. Better than waiting for another year until I come up with a solution I like.

And about the new thing; I haven’t put out a single video since September last year. I don’t want to talk about excuses here, instead I want to start putting out something again. So this morning I started filming some stuff and I want to put this together and narrate some of the parts. I have seen this on the channel of a game developer, that actually eats all the time on camera and therefore cannot speak that well, so I thought why not. Because when I am outside, I usually have a tight schedule, but I want to give you a story, that fits together and not only weird parts that come to my mind (Those weird parts are saved for later ;)).

Let’s see how this works…

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