Life is no computer, phone or car

Today we had our lazy day. We watched a few movies, took a nap and besides that I decided to reinstall my MacBook. It was a relaxing day.

I have this MacBook since August 2016 and don’t have reinstalled it since then. This is quite unusual for me. When I used Linux Ubuntu on several ThinkPads I usually reinstalled it every month, just for fun and testing my automation stuff. And of course sometimes because I broke the installation while testing something.

The reason for reinstalling it, was quite simple, it was cluttered. I had so many projects on it. There was so much history on it. So many tools I didn’t use anymore. The menu bar was full of icons. It just felt disorganized.

After backing up the thing, which was a pain by the way, I had it reinstalled after an hour and worked on the automation I had back then with my linux installation. I started setting up ansible roles, for installing command line utils, my development environment and all the stuff I need to get back to work, like docker and nodejs.

“Now I do everything different”, how many times you have thought this, when you got a new laptop, a new phone, a new car. Or even a notebook? Now I will keep it clean. Note; you won’t.

With material stuff, this works. Everytime you switch your device or whatever, you can start fresh.

This don’t works with your life. So make thoughtful decisions and think of the consequences of your actions. You can reinvent yourself, but some things, just don’t disappear or can be deleted or cleaned up.

See you tomorrow!

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