Lower The Barrier To Begin

Do you have a hard time starting a new task, project or habit? You just don’t want to begin a project and always find a reason to not do it? Then read on.

The Reason

“When X is reached, I will start doing Y” – I’ve heard sentences like these a lot, I even told them myself.

But just let me tell you one thing, in most cases you won’t start even if the moment is just perfect.

We are afraid of starting, because we could fail, or it could be hard. Of course it will be hard! And that’s good. By doing things you are always doing you won’t grow! And if you fail, try again, until you succeed.

The perfect moment won’t ever come, you will always find a excuse to not do it. And you know that it’s just an excuse.

We will always find the resistance to not start things. It won’t get better in life, indeed it will get harder. If you are staying in bed and telling yourself that it’s to hard or it’s not the right time to do a certain thing, this will manifest into your brain.

How To Become A Starter

Depending on how long you are telling yourself that it‘s not the right time to start, it will be harder to get your ass up.

It‘s always a good idea to start small and do baby steps.

Let‘s work with an example that I am just going through myself; I want to get back to a more regular fitness schedule.

Therefore I actually just need to go to the gym on a regular basis. Sounds easy, but I often had this plan and didn‘t suceed.

For such cases, you need to make it as easy as possible to fulfill your plan. In my case, I am just wearing the same clothes to gym every time, wash them by hand after the gym and hang them up in the bathroom, so they are always ready to go.

After a few times going to the gym, I already know, when I am coming every second day, I see my gym clothes, I will go to the gym.

And this already worked for other things too.

Let‘s look at my current writing schedule. I want to output a blog post each day for the month of May. To make this easier, I prepared a bit upfront, by writing down a list in my task manager, with at least 31 topics. Throughout the day, I am always carrying my iPad with me, so I am always ready to sit down and write.

Back when I kept up my 10 minute writing for 68 days, I always put my iPad in the evening on the dining table. Charged and ready to go.

Lower the Barrier as far as possible

Just search for the lowest possible resistance that holds you back from starting the task.

If you have any questions, or need help with your certain task, let me know in the comments and we will make up a way on how to get you started.

See you tomorrow!