Make it as easy as possible to start

I am sitting again at the tram station after a long day. And again I noticed if something is easy to reach and easy to get I am more likely to do it. Yes, it refers to writing in my case.

On Saturday the postman brought me a bag for my iPad. I don’t want to carry around the huge backpack all the time, when I just want to take my iPad and a paper notebook with me. So I purchased a Pacsafe Metrosafe, a little bag that has the same security features against pickpockets as my backpack has.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great, but there is one misconception in my plan that hindered me writing. It may sound simple and stupid first; I put the iPad into my backpack all the time when I used my backpack. This put up another step in starting writing. I didn’t only need to open up my backpack and grab it, I needed one additional step and that’s opening up the iPad bag itself.

Of course this is only a mental barrier, but how often do you refuse to do something, just because it’s out of reach? How often do you do something the wrong way, because the right tool for it is in the other room and you are just too lazy to get it?

Laziness is just human. To keep it out of the way, make it as easy as possible to start, don’t put up barriers to reach your tools, be it mental or physical.