Maybe I finally got it – who knows

I am sitting in the car, waiting for my girlfriend until she has finished her dancing class and I thought, I‘d use the time. The frog page for Codalong is ready for a month now, I haven‘t published anything and of course this has a reason.

Some of you may know the sticker on the front of my notebook which says „Weeks of programming can save hours of planning“. Yeah, I missed it this time. I have just build something. It‘s a good product, it works, it has good test coverage, but it‘s just not what I need. Instead of refactoring it, I have thrown it away and refer to it as a demo project 😉 At least I have learned something about GatsbyJS.

Now to the new stuff. I haven‘t been doing nothing of course. While staying in Greece for almost two weeks, I thought a lot about Codalong and have made plans and plan and plans. The complexity of course has grown, but it‘s also a learning project for me 😉 And I don‘t have to build everything out, before I publish it.

The project is split into several micro services. One for the frontend app, one for the videos, one for blog posts, and so on.

For starting out, I just have to complete the frontend and the video service, all the other stuff gets static for now and will be built afterwards.

I hope this is the last time for Codalong, that I will say, I think I got it. See you.

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